As  the  picture  depicts  they  scientifically  known  as  Phaseolus  vulgaris  or  commonly  known as` Michiris` ,they  are  used  in  stews  locally or  internationally.  French beans are body building in nature due to high protein level. Effectively are a good source of  fibre, minerals, like calcium and vitamin A for vision. They are  low in sodium  and  insoluble  salts. They  grow  well  in lower highland areas  like Naivasha, Muranga , Nyeri  of  temperatures  between 20- 25C.

Land  should  be  prepared  before  planting  that is  primary cultivation is done, secondary  then  tertiary cultivation. Soils  should  be  sand, loam  to  clay with a  Ph of 6.5 to 7.5 . Planting  should be scheduled so that  most  of  the crop are ready  between  October- to mid December  and  from  mid   January  to end of May. They are sown directly to the  nursery  bed with desired  spacing. First weeding   should done 2weks to 3 three after  they  sprout  and second  weeding  at about 2 weeks later.

French  beans  need  constant  water  supply  because  soil  moisture  affect   yield, uniformity  and quality of the crop. Lack  of  water  during  flowering  causes  flower  abortion and curved  pods  leading to reduced  yield.  Ten  days  after  planting  [post-emergency]   each  crop  need  35mm of  water  per  week,  50mm  of  water  during  flowering   and  35mm  of  water  to  each  crop  per  week  during   podding  stage. However  to  maintain  continuous  supply  especially  during  off  season, irrigation  is essential.

After planting 8 to 6 weeks picking begins for a period of -2 months depending on the variety. They are carefully picked as the stalk should be attached to it. It is done at regular intervals depending on marketing  demand, French  beans are harvested in three categories namely; fine beans, extra fine and bobby.  Fine beans are harvested twice a week, extra  fine  3 times a week and bobby are counted as rejects. A farmer harvests 15 tonnes  per acre depending on the variety or crop management. Before planting a farmer needs to do market  survey for  smooth  production of  the produce  since  French beans  are  perishable .

It is cheap and easy to manage your farm as  a  farmer.  For instance, small and medium farmers needs to budget first before starting there project  so that it becomes easier  for any farmer to maximize profits and  minimise  losses, since French beans need constant watering  i advice farmers to go in for sunlight pump for the them to save on fuel and electricity costs. For  instance , sunlight pump has no operational costs,  its solar powered, no carbon dioxide emissions and easy to install.